Hi Everyone!

We have Eastwood/Airline guitars in stock! Yes! Here is a little info in case you’re wondering what these guitars are (from their site):

Since 2001, Eastwood® has been creating some of the most exciting Electric Guitars the world has ever seen. Our RADICAL VINTAGE REMAKE series features a variety of models based on popular sixties designs – from the classic Mosrites to our top-selling AIRLINE – they capture the excitement and style of the originals. Each year the prices of the originals skyrocket – they are getting harder to find and harder to play! Eastwood®’s focus is to make top quality replicas – that cost less and play better – so the average musician can experience the excitement of playing one of these beautiful vintage guitars as their everyday player.

All Eastwood® Guitars are fitted with high-quality modern components that offer an optimal playing experience that far exceeds their 1960’s original counterparts. It is hard to find a guitar these days that oozes more vintage style than an Eastwood®!

One thing we can offer here at Norman Music, is a free plek on all of our Eastwood/Airline models. If it hasn’t been done before you buy it, it will be done at the time of purchase. If you are not familiar with the Plek service, check it out: www.plek.com

The guitars that just arrived (2/24/14) are:

  • Airline H78 – Harmony H78 guitar made famous by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys– Gold foil pickups (DeArmond style), Real Bigsby Tremolo, hard case
  • Airline Jupiter Pro – Reissue of Silvertone Jupiter– DeArmond style pickups, 25 1/2 inch scale. This is our first experience with the Pro Series and we are very impressed with the quality of this guitar
  • Airline ’59 2P – C’mon man! This is the Jack White guitar. I’ll leave it at that.
  • Supro Dual Tone – short scale makes it perfect for slide guitar
  • Airline Lapsteel – speaking of slide guitar, cool vintage design, humbucker pickup and intonatable bridge
  • Hi-Flyer Phase IV – Mosrite copy. Surf rock or Nirvana, you pick.
  • Classic 4 Bass – 60’s “Country Classic” bass with a 30″ scale
  • EEB-1 Bass – Tribute to the Ampeg AEB. Unique look, the F Holes are completely cut through the body!

Pretty cool stuff. Stop by and check them out or give us a call



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