Springtime is here! The wind is sweeping down the plains! See what I did there … Okie jokes.

Have you heard of J. Rockett Audio Designs? rockettpedals.com

You’re welcome. I’m not going to write much because their website tells enough, but I will post links to some demos.

These pedals have been one of our fast moving products this year. If you’re looking to step up your pedalboard game, get in here and test one for yourself. As I type, this is what we have in stock:

Guthrie Trapp Signature O/D – The Guthrie Trapp OD was specifically designed for Guthrie to achieve a specific tone for multiple styles. In its simplicity, it gives you just about everything you could need. There is plenty of gain on tap but it can also be set to be a very transparent boost. Our best seller!

Flex Drive O/D – The Flex Drive is our most versatile overdrive of the bunch. This was our attempt to achieve the Malcolm sound which is one of our favorite rhythm tones ever. However, the Flex Drive will get you all the way to VH-2 which happens to be one of our favorite lead tones ever. Luckily enough all of the settings in between can achieve amazing blues and country tones as well, that’s why we call it the Flex Drive. This is just an incredible tool for studio and live performances.

Blue Note O/D – The Blue Note gives you a very woodsy blues feel and can achieve more gain than a typical tube screamer (no this isn’t another TS clone just using this as a reference). With the newly added “Hot” switch the pedal is capable of multiple tones. The “Hot” switch adds more gain, more volume and gooses the low mids for a thick juicy feel. The Blue note can be set to run flat in its EQ section or select the “Hot” position for more prominent minds. Since the Blue note can be run in either position it makes it suitable for many applications. This pedal is all about feel and really works well with any guitar/amp combination. This is one of our favorites.

Animal O/D – The Animal is our creating of a 1968 Plexi Sound. The Animal is an extremely open and amp-like sound that can get you from a stock plexi to a modified plexi with the flick of the snarl switch. The Animal can get very aggressive but it is by no means a distortion pedal, just think of a cranked plexi and how open and natural it sounds.

Chicken Soup O/D (not pictured) – The Chicken Soup Overdrive was aimed at the Nashville crowd. This pedal gives you that extremely transparent twangy tone as we like to say. Great for Teles and Strats. Think ODR-1 but improved. This pedal is very simple but very effective as well. The Chicken Soup Overdrive is extremely quiet with true bypass just like all of our pedals

Lemon Aid Boost/Preamp/Frequency Mod – Very versatile pedal. It is a boost pedal in essence but it also acts as a sort of preamp or frequency modifier. This pedal offers a clean, treble and full boost all in one. However, each boost position is adjustable in several aspects. You can make any one of the desired boost settings either thicker or thinner or you can cut the overall output to make the effect more subtle. The combinations of all of the available settings give you a myriad of boosts and frequency modifications. We love to use it as a lead boost for any overdrive but on its own, you can achieve the lushest and beautiful clean tones that sustain incredibly well. You can also run the pedal on its loudest setting and slam the front end of your amp for natural crunchy tones. The Lemon Aid works equally well as a bass boost and an acoustic guitar preamp… this pedal will honestly improve the tones of every other overdrive pedal on your board.

Josh Smith Signature Dual Trem – The Josh Smith Dual Trem is a collaborative effort between Josh, Rockett Pedals, and Tim Jauernig. This new Dual Trem is the brainchild of a working musician and with that in mind, its simplicity is what makes this pedal a great tool. The JSDT was designed to achieve the old school sounds of some of the early Leo amps. It is very musical and functional piece of equipment. You can dial in two identical trems but one set fast and one set slow or vary the intensity so the trem effect can pop in certain sections of a song, then simply toggle back and forth! It is very versatile but more importantly very inspiring to play.

HA! I did write a lot! These are the pedals we have in stock at publish time. Why so many overdrives you ask? Well, they all do something different, and we are all individuals, so you need to come in and find the one that fits you! Now go check some demos. J. Rockett has more demos on their website, I’ll just post a few.


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