Instrument Repair

Guitar Repair


$20 with uncoated strings
$25 with coated strings
$25 for Classical Guitar
$25 for Floyd Rose style bridge

Services Included:

  • Strings
  • Changing, stretching and tuning new strings
  • Clean and polish
  • Oil/condition fretboard
  • Polish frets
  • Clean electronics if applicable
  • Tighten all moving parts if needed


$50 for Acoustic 6-string, Acoustic Bass, Electric Guitar and Electric Bass
$65 for all 12 String Guitars, or Guitars with Floyd Rose

All services included in restring, plus the following:

  • Adjust neck
  • Set string height
  • Set nut
  • Check intonation

Bone Nut with Setup

  • $65 on 6-string acoustic, electric and bass guitar
  • $85 on 12 strings

Compensated Bone Saddle with Setup

  • $65 6-string acoustic and electric or bass guitar
  • $85 for 12 string


  • Fret Dress with Setup $175
  • Plek Machine (level, crown, and polish all frets)
  • Will fix any “Precious Metal” Set Up
  • Re-fret with Plek
  • Call for estimate

Other Services

Tuning Machine Install with restring:
$15-35 plus cost of tuners


$50 per hour

Pick Up Installation:

  • Free on all Pick Ups purchased at Norman Music Center
  • $50 per hour on all others

Need a Repair?

Call us at (405) 321-8300


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